Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of audio can ulpload?
  • We recommend you to upload in .mp3 format with 128 Kbps quality
  • When you upload your track we transcode all tracks to optimized for streaming playback, this allows your listeners to download your track in Mp3(128kbps) format, without any additional transcoding.

What is the maximum file size?
  • The maximum file size is 25MB.
  • If your file exceeds these criteria, please send it to our email

Why my track was taken down?
  • If you upload test or pre-release versions it may be the reasons to suspend.

Why thumbnails haven't displayed on songs?
  • We take thumbnail images from YouTube, Please try again by adding the YouTube video URL.

I can not login but I used correct login data
  • Do you have verified your account? After registration on we send you an email with a login details. Use that details to verify your email adress and to activate your account.
  • , you can reset it. To do so:

If you don’t remember your password
  • On Windows and Android, click on Forgot your password? at the sign-in screen,
    go to the Forgot password page.

How do I report abuse or copyright infringement?
  • On each Track or Mix page you can find a link at the "Album Art" to easily report abuse or copyright infringement. It will be directly submitted to our team.